Spring Recitals | My Life

May is always a busy month for our family! Both Phil and I are busier with work, and there are lots of end of year school things. This year we also added in two recitals for our girls.

Kelsey is in her second year of piano and also added saxophone this year. She has blown me away on the saxophone! It was rough starting out but now she can play songs and loves playing with the band at school. She loves performing and did a great job with both her music pieces. may150760

Brooklyn started something new this year also with ballet. She’s my girly girl and has really loved dancing! Yesterday was her recital, and she couldn’t have been cuter! I snapped a few pictures of her after pictures at the dance studio. I’m glad I did since two weeks ago she broke her arm! She did a great job on stage despite her cast!

So completely proud of my girls! I don’t brag on my kids too often because we really don’t have it together most days! But, it’s great to see their hard work pay off at the end of the school year, and more than that, I love seeing their good attitudes and kindness towards others.

Now bring on summer, because this mom is exhausted!

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A & K | Simple Session

I’ve enjoyed shooting a few Simple Sessions since I started offering them a few weeks back. These are great options if you just want a few pictures for something specific. These were some sweet mother and son pictures I did a few weeks back. Enjoy some favorites! amblog

Interested in Simple Sessions? I am happy to answer any questions you may have! Contact me here.

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Simple Sessions

I am at the studio on set days during the week, so it makes sense for me to offer a smaller session on those days for those wanting a simple option.  These sessions include just family pictures or siblings all together etc, but not both in one session.

If these sessions sound like something you would be interested in, please contact me to go over the details!  I would love to hear from you!simplesessions

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Sunshine & Spring | My Life

We’ve been having some amazing spring weather the past few weeks here in central IL!  The magnolia tree in our backyard is in full bloom and the kids have been excited to watch it start blooming from our upstairs window.   I love this time of year. It’s so nice to see everything starting to grow again in the sunshine! I had all my windows open the other day and added a few spring touches around the house.

The kiddos can play outside again in the afternoons and in the cool evenings we’ve been absolutely loving our front porch!  My calendar is filling up with sessions and I am looking forward to getting outside in the beautiful weather taking pictures of all my lovely clients!

Happy Spring!




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Adoption Sessions

I’ve always loved adoption. It’s something Phil and I have talked about since we were first married. We have been blessed to have many families come through our lives who have adopted and set an amazing example for us. We are not adoptive parents at this time, but we have been blessed to be foster parents for a couple of years now.
Even though adoption has always been something I’ve admired, it hasn’t been until more recently that I’ve realized just how much adoption costs families that decide to follow that call… and I’m not talking about money. I’ve learned lately that adoption is a beauty from ashes story for everyone.

I definitely know that it’s one of the most emotionally taxing things you can go through as a mother, no matter how you choose to adopt. This is why I was so excited to team up with Red Thread Sessions to offer a gift to families who have recently adopted. I am excited to give something to families who have given so much to love a child. Through Red Threads I am offering a no cost session and package to families that have adopted within the last 6 months, or who have a finalization date coming up.

If you know someone who is going through the adoption process, please pass this onto them. Or contact me yourself and I can help you give this as a gift to that special family.

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C. 1st Birthday Session | Center Street Babies

There have been certain times in my work that it has hit me just how long I have been doing this! That happened when Carter’s mom contacted me to do his 1st birthday pictures and I realized I did her senior pictures years ago! My first studio was in my garage in Piper City IL and I had the privilege of doing a lot of Senior pictures for Tri-Point for the years I worked out there.
So fun to meet this little guy and get to work with him for his 1st birthday session a few weeks ago! Such a little cutie!
Enjoy some favorites!

I photograph babies and every stage at my studio or at an outdoor location. Contact me if you are looking for more information about what a session with me is like. I would love to hear from you!

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O. 1 Year Session | Center Street Babies

I loved working with this happy little guy with his cute little teeth showing as he smiled! And those cheeks!  Always nice to see repeat clients again and see how their families are changing.

Check out a few from his session at the studio a few weeks back!

owen1I photograph babies and every stage at my studio or at an outdoor location.  Contact me if you are looking for more information about what a session with me is like.  I would love to hear from you!

Watseka, IL Maternity, Baby, & Family Photographer