J. 1 year Session – Iroquois County Baby Photographer

Baby boy, Jude was completely adorable for his 1 year session at the studio! It was a very rainy Saturday when we did these pictures, so I was glad we had already planned for a studio session!

Enjoy some favorites from his session!


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Sisters in Summer – My Life

My girls have played together most days, all day long this summer. They are four years apart, so sometimes it surprises me how well they get along. They are both still little girls. I know that won’t last forever, so I know this is a special time in their lives.
I want them to enjoy a simple childhood as long as possible. And this summer they really have. They play together in their room for hours, ride bikes, and make up their own games. The other day they spent hours collecting walnuts that had fallen out of the tree and making fairy houses on the driveway.
I am not sure if they would say they are best friends, but they certainly are sisters and I hope they will always stay close.

I wanted some pictures to reflect that. I chose simple colors (it was last minute so I just used what they had). I wanted bare feet and free hair. I’m a fan of simple. I was happy with these pictures considering we didn’t spend too much time on them!


A. Outside Maternity Session – Iroquois County Maternity Photographer

Another gorgeous maternity session at the park! I can’t wait for this little one’s arrival! This will be the 5th grandchild from this family that has been on my baby plan. They’ve all been adorable babies so I know this one will be no exception!

Enjoy some favorites!


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